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Graphic Design

I have a MA in Communication Design (from Norwich University of the Arts -- previously Norwich University College of the Arts) and a BA in Graphic Design (from Southampton Solent University).
I specialise in editorial design (especially for print), infographics and branding design. Most of my clients are SMEs and individuals. I also have many years of editing experience and I am very comfortable editing/coming up with approrpiate copy for clients.
I have always believed design could cause social change and I am particularly interested in designing to do just that.


From a young age I have always enjoyed drawing. Most of my notebooks from secondary school onwards are filled with doodles, from small ones in the corner of notebooks to full page sketches.
Filling notebooks and sketchbooks with various doodles/illustrations meant I was able to practice different styles, which has been very helpful in developing a fluid design style.
Despite all this it has only been in the last couple of years that I have begun to concentrate on developing my skill and style as an illustrator. So far I have been able to exhibit at my old school's alumni exhibition.
I am currently working on improving my digital art skills.


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As a child my mother was a big influence on starting pottery. Unfortunately as I grew older school life took over and I was unable to attend classes, though my interest always remained. I have always played around with moddeling clay, sometimes tying it into project work at university. I find that clay is the most relaxing form of creativity for me, and I have now started going to pottery classes again. With my schooling and age my understanding and appreciation for at the art form has obviously grown and I sometimes beat myself for not going back to classes earlier.
My teacher is, and has always been, Waithira Chege, a talented and well-known ceramicist.

Sakura Endo

P.O. Box 997, Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya. 00621

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