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“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.”

–Massimo Vignelli

I have a BA (Hons) Graphic Design from Southampton Solent University (Southampton, UK), where my final project focused on clouds (shapes/types, global warming, and colours) where I was able to focus on editorial design, typography, and photography. I also hold a MA in Communication Design from Norwich University of the Arts, where my Master's Project was an exploration into the effects of smell on memory and colour, as well as how cultural upbringing affected the perception/mood of colour. I created colour charts that corresponded to favourite/hated smells and the memories associated to them.


I have always believed that design was an important aspect of creating social awareness, successful education/learning, and a positive force in all forms of communication. My international upbringing has made me aware of delivering a clear message in all forms of communication, and this has heavily influenced my design thinking and style. I am comfortable designing using traditional methods (collages, hand-drawn type, screen printing etc) and digitally (Adobe CS, digital art, digital printing etc). Working as a freelance designer has been very influential in my developing multiple design and creative skills, but I have also become comfortable working independently or in a team, flexible, a team-leader, interdisciplinary, good at time management, working within strict budgets and/or timelines, and a good communicator.



This logo was created in October 2017 after having spent 6 months in Berlin, Germany (learning German and surviving the winter) and 5 months in Norfolk, UK (brushing up on my photography composition and technical skills). The bear holds a bean that is 'sprouting' tools of my trade, and a flower which represents my name 'Sakura' - Cherry Blossom in Japanese.

The bear comes from a nickname that I was given in the above mentioned time in Norfolk by a friend that heavily influenced some changes in my work ethic, and personal life.


This logo represents the new pride and respect I have garnered from the almost-year spent developing my skills as a designer, innovator, woman, and a 'child of the world'.

Sakura Endo


I am happy to work remotely from my home, or to travel to your office. Feel free to get in touch to discuss specific packages, times, and/or travel options.


I am currently in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nairobi, Kenya

and available for remote work worldwide

Remote Work


I am well travelled and able to travel with short notice. I am also able to work from Kenya, and depending on work load can adjust my work-times to suit your time-zone.

Rates & Prices


Depending on the project, timeline, and other considerations I charge by either daily rates or per project. Packages price list is also available for SMEs and large organisations.

Other work


I hold a TEFL certificate and have held English classes for adults. I also have a few years experience translating/interpreting from Japanese to English.

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