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With 7+ years of experience as a multi-discipline designer, I have worked with a wide range of clients, from individuals to large international organisations. The variety of clients has kept my style fluid and flexible, and my design thinking modern and innovative. I specialise in various forms of design, from print to digital.

I am also a keen advocate of art and design education (for children and adults) and I myself am always exploring other creative fields, such as:



  • Photography
  • Pottery/Ceramics/Scultping
  • Painting (Digital, watercolour, and oil)
  • Candle making


Creative | Professional | Interdisciplinary



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An important part of communicating with your audience and differentiating yourself from competitors. Of course a logo and a slogan is a big part of it, but how they are integrated into print material, websites, packaging, apps, products... etc is also a very important aspect of creating a strong brand.


Branding should be strong and consistent, as well as innovative with strategic ideas to make sure you stand out from the rest.


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Information Graphics


Data visualisation helps deliver a quick, clear, and strong message of whatever data result you want to convey.


Simple, fun, intricate, colourful... whatever and however you want to present your data, infographics will help your audience quickly and clearly understand and take-in/retain the information.


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Advertising/Marketing Material


A successful delivery of a strong, clever, and clear message relies heavily on an understanding of your target audience, delivery medium (fliers, posters, facebook posts, billboards, magazine/newspaper ads etc), and duration (a one-off event, or a long-term marketing campaign).


As well as design, the copy is very important and I am happy to help out with this, as communication and creative writing has always been a passion of mine.


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Illustrations can help add a break to long blocks of text, or as stand-alones add a personal touch to your office walls, posters, fliers, calendars or website.


I do not have a strict style and enjoy experimenting with new techniques and/or traditional mediums.


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Art/Creative Direction


With many years of experience I am a capable leader and can help direct a creative project, and I am very open about sharing and teaching my own knowledge of creative skills, strategies, and thinking.


I am organised, flexible, and able to look at both the wider picture and the small details. Working with various clients in diffrent industries has increased my intercultural and interdisciplinary communication skills, and I am happy working on projects ranging from promoting a jewellery designer to leading a team of ranging abilities to create a 50+ page report for print and digital that focuses on AIDS/HIV, Malaria, and TB.


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Editorial Design


My first love was editorial design. Layout, typography, visual hierachy, pacing, and contrast are all integral to a successful publication.


Designing for print also requires consideration of the feel and the 'keep it forever' aspect, while designing for screens requires consideration of the variety of screens your audience will have.


Whether for print and/or screen, I have years of experience designing 4-page briefs to 50+ page reports.


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Sakura Endo


I am happy to work remotely from my home, or to travel to your office. Feel free to get in touch to discuss specific packages, times, and/or travel options.


I am currently in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nairobi, Kenya

and available for remote work worldwide

Remote Work


I am well travelled and able to travel with short notice. I am also able to work from Kenya, and depending on work load can adjust my work-times to suit your time-zone.

Rates & Prices


Depending on the project, timeline, and other considerations I charge by either daily rates or per project. Packages price list is also available for SMEs and large organisations.

Other work


I hold a TEFL certificate and have held English classes for adults. I also have a few years experience translating/interpreting from Japanese to English.

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I have shops on Threadless and Redbubble under the name CactusOctopus.


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